Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Objective of this blog reiterated

From February 10, 2006:
As I stated back in November 2004, this site is not really a blog--at least in the ways that used to characterize blogs. I also said that "I want people to use my posts as a resource. I want to provide a package that compiles and analyzes information in a way that is useful not just for now, but in the future...I'm just trying to offer something in addition to what is already out here." In other words, I started this site in part to provide a research and information resource for others.
Of course, as I explained in November 2004, I also started this site to express my views, but I could do that without citing any facts or sources. One of my undergraduate degrees is in History (and the other is in Political Science--B.S., of course). When it it comes to writing about political matters, not only do I want to provide a research and information source for now and in the future, but I also want to try to provide something that can be a historical record--or at least a part thereof.


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