Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More Mozilla problems

I finally gave up on Firefox due to problems I have discussed before. I started using Netscape Navigator, which is based on Firefox, in the hope that somehow the Netscape factor would eliminate the problem with losing my bookmarks. I installed Navigator on my computer about four months ago, and I was able to import my massive bookmarks list from Netscape 8.1.3. And by the way, I have never had these problems with the basic Netscape browser.

Well, about two weeks ago, Netscape Navigator (the latest version) dumped all bookmarks that I had added over the previous two weeks. And now today, Navigator deleted ALL of my bookmarks and my browsing history. There is nothing in the various security settings on my computer that would have deleted my bookmarks. And yet, this Mozilla, Firefox-based bullshit deleted my bookmarks.

Are you people at Mozilla and Netscape trying to force me back to using IE all the time? I don't want to do that, but if this same problem starts happening with the basic Netscape browser (and it has not happened in the past), I might have no choice.



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