Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Obama says Hillary's MLK comments are not racial in nature.

As reported by ABC News, Obama has said to tap the brake a bit on Hillary's MLK/LBJ comments.
Obama sought to damp down the racial dynamics of the controversy.
"I don't think it was in any way a racial comment," Obama told ABC News. "That's something that has played out in the press. That's not my view."
And I'm sure that some Hillary supporters might want to demand that I take back everything that I have written. Well, that's not going to happen, because in one of my posts I said the following:
While my first reaction to Hillary's statements about MLK and LBJ was that those statements were big time racist, I am not convinced that Hillary's and Bill's statements have their basis in racism. I think the basis is the lust for power and the arrogance that Hillary is right and everyone else is wrong.
I'll get back to my views of Hillary's comments later, but for now, let's look at what Obama had to say. Although he dismissed the claims of racism, he still found problems with Hillary's statements:
But, he said, the comment was revealing about her political character. "I do think it was indicative of the perspective that she brings, which is that what happens in Washington is more important than what happens outside of Washington," he said.

He said he believes the quote betrays a belief on her part, "that the intricacies of the legislative process were somehow more significant than when ordinary people rise up and march and go to jail and fight for justice."

He called that a "fundamental difference" between them.
I agree with Obama's assessment, but I have plenty of other opinions.

First, Hillary's initial comments about MLK and LBJ were astoundingly stupid. Anyone who would say such stupid things--either intentionally or without realizing the potential interpretation and impact--has no business being President.

Second, her statements dismissing the importance of belief and her initial comments about MLK show a complete lack of good judgment. If she lacks good judgment on a matter such as this, what is she going to do regarding some of the big tests and hard decisions she keeps saying the next President will have to make?

Third, Hillary has displayed tremendous arrogance throughout this entire incident. She has shown a complete lack of humility and an inability to accept responsibility for her own actions. I don't want another President with those characteristics.

Fourth, she misstated what her opponent said in order to set up a straw man argument in order to try to justify her own actions. Again, I don't want another President who does that.

Fifth, she accused her opponent and the media of twisting and mischaracterizing her words instead of dealing with the express words she uttered to start this whole controversy. She kept adding explanations that were not contained within the words she initially used. In so doing, she portrayed herself as a victim. Once again, I do not want another President who engages in those practices.

And that brings me to the point I have been making over and over:
Hillary Clinton is no different than George W. Bush. She uses the same bullshit tactics and techniques that have exemplified the Bush administration.
That's what this whole incident shows.

And there is more from her "Meet the Press" appearance to prove my point...

Wake up, Democrats.


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