Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The perfect name for Hillary's campaign

I really wish I had thought of this myself, but a friend of mine must get the credit. He got the idea after seeing Hillary on "Meet the Press" on January 13.

She kept referring to something during that show that has become, in her words, her case to the American people as to why she should be President.

Here are some excerpts from "Meet the Press." See if you can spot the theme.
SEN. CLINTON: And I think we're going to need a president who has really prepared and thought about what to do on that very first day. That is...

MR. RUSSERT: But is...

SEN. CLINTON: You know, that is my case to...
I'm putting forth my qualifications, my experience, my 35 years of proven, tested leadership, sometimes, as you well know, you know, walking through the fires, being prepared to take on whatever the Republicans send our way.
And much of what I've gone through in my entire life is, I believe, preparation for being able to go into that Oval Office.
It is who has the experience we need to make the changes we want. And we need and want to have it happen in America, and I believe that I am tested and ready and prepared to do it.
So I think what people who are concerned about electability should be looking at is number one, who can be the best president, the best president from day one, who is prepared, who has taken tough positions, because you're going to have to take them.
(emphasis added). So here is the name for Hillary's campaign:

Preparation H

UPDATE: A search of the wide world interweb shows that "Preparation H" has been applied (so to speak) to Hillary's campaign before. Here's a link to one such reference. Still, kudos to my friend here is Wichita Falls, and big kudos to those who came up with this term before now. I just wish I was that clever.


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