Monday, January 07, 2008

Hillary goes flippity flop on Iraq.

Hillary's hypocrisy has reached new depths. This is just un-freaking-believable.

As reported by Ben Smith, Hillary had this to say yesterday:
After 9/11, I would never have taken us to war in Iraq. I would have stayed focused on Afghanistan because the real threat was coming from there.
What a huge, steaming pile of crap.

Obama spokesman Bill Burton gave an immediate and spot on response:
Hillary Clinton may try to rewrite history, but it's hard to believe she didn't know what would happen after she voted for a resolution with the title "A Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq."
Hard to believe? Try impossible to believe, as I have detailed before. I could simply link to my previous writings on this topic, but just for effect, I am going to reprint instead.

[start reprint]

[L]et's take a look at Hillary's record on Iraq. I discussed this back on January 20:
She voted for the war. She refuses to say that was a mistake or that she was in any way wrong in her support of the war. Instead she has tried to have it both ways. That is exactly the same bullshit Kerry tried in '04. It didn't work then, and it won't work now. Even John Edwards, who was a big-time supporter of the war and unapologetic about it during the '04 campaign (which is a reason why he was a poor choice for a running mate), has stepped up and said he was wrong. He hasn't tried to rationalize or dance around the issue. He has flat out said he was wrong. And let me tell you, I have a lot more respect for Edwards now because of that. Hillary is trying to keep from offending Republicans while trying to show the anti-war crowd that she is being tough. After the '06 election, this approach is not going to work.
(emphasis added). In that January 20 post, I also linked to a January 20 post by Bob Harris. I did not quote Harris then, but I will now:
[T]he Iraq war is one of the deadliest, stupidest, and most criminal foreign policy mistakes of our lifetimes...And Hillary, despite her recent weaseling -- sorry, triangulation is the term of art -- vigorously supported Bush's Iraq adventure from the start.

In the wake of 9-11, it wasn't just George W. Bush telling the world "every nation has to be either with us or against us." It was Hillary, as you can hear for yourself.

In October 2002, during the debate about giving Bush authorization to invade Iraq, it wasn't just Dick Cheney telling the world in that Saddam Hussein had links to Al-Qaeda. It was Hillary, from the floor of Congress.

And in February 2005, it wasn't just John McCain claiming that democracy was taking root in Iraq, and that the insurgency was in its last throes. It was Hillary, standing right at John McCain's side.

Yeah. So President Hillary would be soooooo much better about Iraq. Clap louder, everybody. Make it come true.

If this were a just world, not one person who authorized Bush to invade Iraq would ever be re-elected to anything, and the prime engineers of this mess would be going to jail instead of Fox News desks. And if this were a just world, Hillary would be held in almost as much contempt by people opposed to this war as Bush, Cheney, and the rest of Team Chimpy.
I can certainly imagine Hillary changing the subject away from Iraq, which she'll have to as much as possible.
It's no wonder that Hillary's announcement gives Iraq exactly one sentence, implying opposition but without taking any position whatsoever. If you read closely, you'll notice she instantly changes the subject to liberal-sounding blah about health care, conservation, and Social Security...but all cleverly framed as open questions, so she doesn't have to take any position right now.
(emphasis added, links in original). You see, what I wrote in January is still true, and Harris was correct in saying that Hillary will keep changing the subject away from her record on Iraq. She has never directly addressed that record. She has never explained her support for the Iraq war. She still refuses to answer questions about that. She has never taken responsibility for her actions, and she refuses to do so now. And I have seen nothing from her that indicates she will behave any differently if she becomes President.

[end of reprint]

Listen up, folks. Everything in the paragraph immediately above is still true today. She still refuses to discuss her record, and I provided an example of her blatant dodging of the issue in More reasons NOT to vote for Hillary (scroll down to "Avoid the issue by claiming your opponent is politicizing the issue").

The last few days Hillary has said over and over that she will run on her record, but she won't discuss her record on Iraq. She can't afford to discuss her record because it shows that she supported Bush every step of the way, and that ain't gonna go over well with most Democratic voters. So instead she is just going to make shit up and try to rewrite history.

And she sure isn't going to say she made a mistake or error in judgment. She will never admit that she has ever made a mistake. As noted above, John Edwards unequivocally said he was wrong in voting for the Iraq war. At least Edwards had enough character to be honest. Hillary Clinton simply does not.


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