Monday, October 30, 2006

This is just too good...

This post at Talking Points Memo just makes me chuckle. See, RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman greenlighted a commercial paid for by the RNC that attacked Harold Ford, Jr.--the Dem candidate for Tennessee Senator--for taking contributions from "porn movie producers." And now Josh Marshall has detailed how Mehlman accepted money from not only a big time porn producer and distributor, but a big time gay porn producer and distributor.


Blogger Ray said...

I read an article over the weekend about the really nasty accusations, most being made by republicans against democrats. In NY, the democratic candidate for congress, Michael Arcuri, was accused of participating in phone sex while on a business trip while serving in his current state office. Turns out, one of his staffers was trying to call a number in Albany and misdialled and hung up immediately when he realized he called a 900 number. Arcuri wasn't even in the hotel where the call orginated from. The commercial showed for several days accusing Arcuri before he was able to find out what really happened. Wonder how he explained that one to his wife when it first was aired?

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