Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The latest polls from Texas

Time to go back to this site and check out the latest polls from Texas. Since my previous post on the Texas primary, Obama has gained even more ground in the polls. Remember that the poll mentioned in the previous post noted that Hillary held a 51%-17% lead in December. Here's a rundown of three of the polls.
Date: February 19

Hillary 50%
Obama 45%
Unsure 2%
Other 3%

There are some aspects of this poll that I find particularly interesting. First of all, Hillary leads among Hispanics 65% to 32%. True, this is a 2 to 1 margin, but go back and take a look at the poll discussed in my earlier post. That poll showed that in December Hillary led among Hispanics 70% to 7% and that the gap was 60% to 29% at the end of January. The Survey USA poll was conducted about three weeks later. It will bear watching for later polls to see if Obama makes any gains among Hispanics.

The poll also shows that 59% of Republicans would rather vote for Obama over Hillary (37%), and that 60% of Independents would vote for Obama over Hillary (32%). These results go directly to the issue of electability. As I have said repeatedly, any Democrat who wants to be President has to get some Republican and Independent votes, and in Texas, that Democrat is Obama, not Hillary.Date: February 15-17

Hillary 50%
Obama 48%
Unsure 2%
Date: February 11-13

Hillary 49%
Obama 41%
Refused 1%
Unsure 8%
Other 1%

After Obama's win in Wisconsin (58% to 41%) and probable win in Hawaii, I wonder what any subsequent Texas polls will show...


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