Thursday, February 22, 2007

Another take on Edwards and bloggers

About two hours after I published the previous post, Katha Pollitt posted her thoughts on the Edwards campaign, Amanda Marcotte, and Melissa McEwan. Her post is entitled "Your Blog Will Come Back to Haunt You."

Pollitt makes some of the same points I do, but explains them a little differently (one might even say--gasp!--more concisely). I highly recommend reading Pollitt's entire post (it's not that long), but I will quote the end of it:
To me, being a writer and being a political operative are very different things, and ought to remain so. A writer should be free to say what she believes, and the reader should know that the writer has that freedom. That is where the honor of a writer lies.

The converse is, you can't expect a politician, or the voters, to disregard your paper (or electronic) trail. They don't care about your honor, they just want to get elected.


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