Tuesday, January 02, 2007

You have got to be kidding me...

Today's New York Times has an article entitled "Chaos Overran Iraq Plan in ’06, Bush Team Says." It has taken me a long time to read the full article because I went into just a bit of an apoplectic fit after reading the first two paragraphs:
President Bush began 2006 assuring the country that he had a “strategy for victory in Iraq.” He ended the year closeted with his war cabinet on his ranch trying to devise a new strategy, because the existing one had collapsed.

The original plan, championed by Gen. George W. Casey Jr., the top commander in Baghdad, and backed by Donald H. Rumsfeld, then the defense secretary, called for turning over responsibility for security to the Iraqis, shrinking the number of American bases and beginning the gradual withdrawal of American troops. But the plan collided with Iraq’s ferocious unraveling, which took most of Mr. Bush’s war council by surprise.
(emphasis added). Took them by surprise? Are you freakin' kidding me??? This shows just how completely clueless, stupid, and/or delusional these people have been and still are.

When I make a statement on a topic about which I have previously written, I generally make an effort to provide links to those previous posts (which in turn have links to the sources of the info therein). However, I will not fully undertake that effort in regard to the last sentence in the previous paragraph because the list of links would simply be too long (even by my standards). Instead, I will provide links to two specific posts and give general listings in the Cosmic Wheel Index. The two specific posts are: Part 6 of a retrospective series on why 1) the Iraq war was a bad idea, and 2) Jonah Goldberg is a putz, and Yet more pre-war evidence about post-war Iraq that was disregarded.

What I--and many others--have written and said shows that almost everything that was known before the war all but guaranteed that Iraq would become chaotic.

That guarantee of such chaos was sealed by the utter lack of planning for post-war Iraq. Go to the Cosmic Wheel Index main heading of "Iraq" and the subheading "Planning for the Post-war Period" for proof of that statement. For further support of my claim that the Bush administration has been clueless, stupid, and/or delusional, check out these topics in the Cosmic Wheel Index:
  • Bush Administration--Burning Bush doctrine; Foreign Policy
  • Iraq--Bad idea; Insurgency
And now Bush and his "war council" are surprised?

Bush and his "war council" not only ignored all the above-referenced evidence, they made every effort to silence anyone who brought up the evidence. Even when reality time and time again showed their projections and strategies to be wrong, they refused to admit any mistakes, much less make any changes. As we all know, the Bush administration's mantra was "Stay the course," and in so doing they listened to no one but themselves and kept doing the same things that were not working. I guess maybe that is not stupidity--but it is insanity.


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