Friday, April 15, 2005

The Bug Man is now displaying the language skill of Bush

Today I wandered over to Political Animal to find that guest bloggers are minding the store for the weekend, and one of those guests is Praktike--the regular at chez Nadezhda I cited in Scott McClellan on The Bug Man. Praktike had a post about DeLay's views on the judiciary as stated in his interview in yesterday's Moonie Times (a/k/a the Washington Times). Being a lawyer, I probably should be writing some analysis of those comments, but for now I will refer you to Praktike's comments.

I will highlight another portion of The Bug Man's interview. As I noted in yesterday's post about Newt Gingrich saying that DeLay should stop blaming the Democrats, The Bug Man told Senate Republicans "that, if asked about his predicament, they should blame Democrats and their lack of an agenda." With that in mind, the following exchange made me laugh 'til I stopped:
Mr. Coombs: At your regular press conference later today, 30 minutes will be devoted to answering questions about your ethics.

DeLay: I'm not going to answer them.

Mr. Coombs: Aren't members of your conference going to be scared of the charges?

Mr. DeLay: No, actually, what's going on is I just came from a conference. What they are doing is, they are solidifying and unifying the Republican conference.

Mr. Coombs: Who is "they"?

Mr. DeLay: The Democrats. This is the Democrats' agenda. They don't have an agenda.
(emphasis added). Let me see if I understand...The Democrats' agenda is that they don't have an agenda.

I'm telling ya, I really think The Bug Man was a little careless with the chemicals in his former career.


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