Thursday, July 19, 2007

Summit40--a faith based charity run by my friend Alan Brock

A high school classmate of mine (Wichita Falls High School 1980) is currently undertaking a big challenge, and I want folks to know about it.

Alan Brock is a minister in the Austin area. He is attempting to travel on foot from Austin to Pike's Peak in 40 days. He has to cover an average of almost 23 miles a day to achieve the goal. As of tonight, he is just over 200 miles into his journey, and he is already battling a nasty blister on his left foot. You can follow his progress at

So why is Alan attempting this seemingly crazy feat? Well, to answer that question, I need to share part of his life story:
In November 2001, at the age of 39, Alan Brock’s life fell apart. Depressed and lethargic, he turned to food for comfort. By October 2004, his weight had climbed to 287 pounds, a full 109 pounds above his normal weight. As a minister, he knew where to turn for help. The answer came in a still, small voice... "Get up and run".

He entered a local health management program, and within four months, he had dropped enough weight to finish his first 5K run. By August 2005, he had returned to his pre-depression weight of 178 pounds and finished the infamous Pikes Peak Marathon.

Several months later, he started Fit2Endure, a faith and fitness ministry. The non-profit organization serves as a unique community resource by offering seminars, which provide motivational tips on how to create a healthy lifestyle. Brock’s desire is to help people to "live alive."

He firmly believes that physical fitness directly impacts every facet of one’s life.
Based on his own experience with obesity and the fact that he is a father, Alan is using his Summit40 run to call attention to the problem of childhood obesity. As Alan states on his site, "According to recent research compiled by the Mayo Clinic, the past two decades have seen a doubling in the number of overweight American children and a tripling of overweight teenagers."

Go to to find out more about Alan's run and follow his progress.


Anonymous Ray said...

It is good to see a liberal endorsing a faith-based charity. I believe there were reports recently that a certain location famous for its extremely warm climate has been experiencing much cooler temperatures including some ice storms, which they've never had before.

Several good things should come of this. Your friend will most likely keep that weight off based on his lifestyle approach. Too many people go on some fad diet and lose weight quickly only to put it back on quickly.

7/20/2007 7:15 AM  

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